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Eye Examinations, Contact Lens Fittings & Eyeglasses

Community Eyecare in Lowell, Massachusetts, offers contact lens fittings for those who prefer not to wear glasses, as well as eyeglasses. Let us help you see better near or far.   

Alternative to Glasses
The process of pain-free contact lens fittings is quick and easy to select the contacts that best match your needs and answer of your questions in as short a time frame as possible. After all, you have a busy schedule and many errands to run. Stop by our office to learn more.  

Our selection ranges from budget-friendly glasses to high-end designer brands. The variety of lens materials includes plastic, polycarbonate, and high index (thin). 

Contact Lens, Contact Lens Fittings, Eyeglasses for Sale in Lowell, MA

Types of Lenses:

• Transition/Photochromatic
• Progressive (Invisible)
• Single Vision
• Tri-Focal
• Bi-Focal
Contact us today to make an appointment for choosing the most suitable contact lenses.

Together we can choose the best options to meet your eyecare needs.